46: LaserDark

I've laser-engraved an axe handle before, as a test to determine whether I could process some of the longer pieces for Eagle Engraving. It was successful, and the first actual order came in for a laser engraved large axe handle.  Since one step of the process wasn't covered in the previous project, I'll be going [...]

42: Nice Piece of Hickory

One of the products that we make at the engraving company I work for is a commemorative axe for firefighters. It's an impressive finished piece that includes the firefighter's department patch engraved on a super-shiny axe head and it's typically mounted on a giant plaque that features other items and elements from his or her [...]

24: Transfer Tape

Most suppliers I use for laserable materials ship those materials with transfer tape applied to either one or both sides.  I didn't really learn to appreciate this until I made a bulk order of melamine-coated MDF from a large home improvement chain; they don't assume you're going to be firing a laser at their product [...]