81: The Simple Stuff

With eighty weeks worth of projects behind us, it's clear that a laser platform is a flexible tool with a ridiculous variety of uses. Sometimes, between the creative experiments and the meatier, more complicated solutions to problems, you just need a piece of wood cut. Well, why bother pulling out a saw and doing a [...]

43: Starman Coasters

Not the Starman you were expecting, was he? These coasters feature the Starman, an emblem from Rush's  album 2112, as opposed to the Starman, an enemy from APE's game Earthbound. This project was originally intended to be cut out of a sheet of 1/4" cork that I've had lying around for quite some time, but [...]

07: Floss Organizers / Thread Holders

No, not the kind of floss for your teeth. Which, before I started working with Rebecca of Hugs are Fun, I would have wondered myself. Floss is the term for embroidery thread, used for embroidery and cross stitching. Collecting floss can be quite the passion for needle workers, and organizing it is always a challenge, [...]

Christian Baldwin Nameplates

01: Christian Baldwin

I cut my laser teeth on baby names. For my great nephew Anthony, the word TOOTIE was carved out of some oak ply. A large stroke of unetched material held the letters together, and the resulting block of text is sturdy enough to stand on its own. The second nameplate was for Ella Lyn Baldwin, [...]