About Us

52 Lasers is a collaboration between Pixelaser and Isette, showcasing new projects created with an industrial laser engraving & cutting platform. The blog was born out of a need for an artistic challenge and a huge list of things we want to try, but never seem to get around to doing. Expect to see a variety of different uses for laser engraving and cutting  here—trying new materials, making functional objects, creating unusual artistic pieces, even documenting the experiments we’ve been meaning to do and feel would be helpful to the laser community at large. To that end, for each project, we’ll select one thing from an ever-growing list of ideas and turn it into a finished project. Then we’ll take some pictures and write some things and share them with you here! While the name 52 Lasers came to be when we were posting one project a week, our current main project schedule is monthly.

We are a husband (Ryan of Pixelaser) and wife (Jennifer of Isette) duo, but we definitely approach the laser with different backgrounds and goals in mind. Each project is authored independently, so just look for the author’s name on each post to find out whose project it was!

If you just love one of our finished projects and want one of your own, we’re usually able to make more! Just get in touch via the contact form and we’ll see what we can do!