Spot UV & Business Cards

The URL isn’t terribly hard to remember. All the same, Jen and I have often had to scribble it down on nearby paper when explaining the project to our local friends. At some point—at several points so far this year, actually—we decided “we should make a business card,” and then promptly busied ourselves with other things. When Jen let me know that Overnight Prints was having a sale on business cards that featured Spot UV options, a long-delayed interest piqued.

I’ve always wanted to play around with glossy coats; in my desktop publishing course we took a day to go over dozens of paper types, including quite a few that were mostly matte but selectively shiny. Some of the most striking promotional material is the same way: body text and white space are softly textured while pictures and display type are slick and, once in a while, blinding. It’s a good kind of blind. Once I saw my pal Ryan‘s business card—its own shine so shiny—I knew my dalliance with Spot UV would happen eventually. Well, now it has!

The result is presented in this, my first attempt at embedding an Instagram video. I hope the compression artifacts aren’t ruinous!


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