4 thoughts on “31: Exhaust Blower

  1. Alan Reeves (@AlanReeves) says:

    Great job. I put my exhaust fan outside to reduce noise and create a suction in the house (if there was a leak in the hose and the blower was inside, some of the smoke would be as well). This looks like such a great solution. I never thought of using the laser to make it.

    Plus, the owl is great. Is it working to keep the birds away?

    • Ryan says:

      Thanks, Alan! You’ve definitely got the quieter arrangement, and I’d love to have kept the exhaust outside as well, but approval from the home owners’ association was hard enough just for the “thing in the window” that I decided not to push too hard. Thankfully, I did some research to get an exhaust (and an accompanying air compressor) with very low dB levels so I wouldn’t go deaf while working. You’ve definitely got a good point about hose leaks, too.

      The owl will have to prove herself once the birds are back in nesting mode. They actually haven’t been a problem for about a month now, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see if they ever become a problem again. One local friend suggested that the owl graphic might be supported by a few rubber snakes placed between the screen and the exhaust hose frame; they’re evidently great at scaring birds away as well. Time will tell!


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