19: Fire Flower Vase

"Well, that didn't work," ended my first foray into laser etching glass. I tried to create a design similar to the mesmerizing microscopic pattern found on the back of the Nexus 4 smartphone, this time on the glass back of a spare iPhone 4 that my nephew graciously donated for the cause. The resulting pattern was [...]

14: Box Joints

I've done box joints before, just once, for a 3D picture frame celebrating a newborn baby. It was a harrowing experience back then because I didn't really understand how the width of the laser beam affects the ability of two pieces to fit together and because I was using a thick wood that just didn't [...]

Final Drum Heads

05: Rock Band Drum Covers

I spent a lot of the 90s listening to my brother John beat on the drums. He would blast Rush tunes like Tom Sawyer and Red Barchetta and was so good at keeping up with the likes of Neill Peart that I was regularly awestruck. I spent enough time just sitting in the room listening [...]