49: A Modern Wreath

For those that know me, the idea of me making Christmas decorations seems a little foreign. I have been accused of being a Grinch (though I’m not sure why simply not decorating for Christmas makes my heart two sizes too small!)

Though maybe my spartan Christmas ways are disappearing – I couldn’t help feeling that my door was a little naked this year.  Perfect for a project on 52 lasers!

Modern Wreath (1 of 9)

I had a more traditional idea for a wreath – a ring of engraved holly leaves and berries with dangling ornaments – but instead decided go modern with the chevron design.  I couldn’t cast off my “hate owning things that I can only use once a year” sensibility so quickly; the chevrons can hang for all seasons.  Monograms are tricky in this household (I kept my maiden name) but I decided to go with the more traditional “M” for Ryan’s last name in the center.  Once it was finished, it tugged at my heart strings – it reminded me of the milled aluminum screen door at my great-grandmother’s house, the one with the “P” set into it for “Putzier.”  I wonder if anyone has a picture of that.

I ran out of time to paint it for this post, but it would be fun to give it a once over with a good color.  Or maybe dress it up with a bit of ribbon that you could change seasonally.  The nice things about wood is that it always seems to go with everything!

Modern Wreath (9 of 9) Modern Wreath (3 of 9)

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