132: Book Table Numbers

What do all these books have in common? Blue covers!

The laser makes personalizing wedding favors or decorations fast and easy.  In the past, we have made votive holder favors, personalized recipe box gifts and wedding themed papel picado. When my friend Donna’s daughter was getting married, she wanted something special.  The wedding was book themed, and they wanted a special way to mark the tables.  Book covers are a great material for the laser – it’s basically a nice, solid paperboard, less than 1/4 inch thick, and engraves well.

We made a few samples for the bride-to-be to check out, using both cutting and engraving techniques.  Fun in concept, but the simple “Table #” combo was the best.

Numeral versions

Text versions

The books were all sourced from resale shops, and Donna and her family did all the finishing work.  We taped them before engraving, and they painted the engraved areas to make the contrast even greater.  It was a fun project, and made a lovely centerpiece!

Painting the engraved areas.

Peeling off the transfer tape!

Finished book line up – they look so good!

Beautiful final setting. Gorgeous, right?  Thanks for letting us help out with your daughter’s special day, Donna!  And thanks for letting me share your photos!


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