134: Temporary Frames

If you need me, I’ll probably be busy framing everything.  Love it!

I pick up prints quite often at the shows I go to with my jewelry, Isette, but getting around to framing them is another matter.  I also don’t necessarily want to frame some of these pieces for “forever” – I like the idea of being able to switch things out.  When I came across the “How To Make a Magnetic DIY Frame for Artwork…in 10 Minutes” post on Apartment Therapy, I knew it would make for a perfect project to put a laser touch on.

Technically, this project doesn’t really need any fancy laser work, just cutting and engraving.  Construction was super easy as well – in fact, writing the last paragraph took longer than assembling the frames when they were cut.  The result was completely satisfying, though, making it an A+ post in my book!

Steps I took:

Design and cut your wooden bars (they also could be acrylic if so desired!)

Frame designs – I designed loops into the shorter frame to tie on to. The longer one, I just looped the string around the end. I could have also used 3M strips or even screwed it to the wall, as suggested in the Apartment Therapy tutorial.  This picture only shows the fronts – you will need corresponding backs as well.  Mine are plain rectangles, nothing fancy.

Gather Supplies

Supplies needed – wood, magnets, and art. String kinda optional if you can come up with an alternate hanging method.

Cut magnet and apply to frames

Measure to length

To cut the magnet strip, all you need to do is score through the paper, then bend! It breaks cleanly along the score.

Self stick magnets are the best! Also, the strip protects the paper better than using individual round magnets – the force of the magnet is more evenly spread.  Remember, for the top and the bottom of your frame you need a front and back.  Make sure your magnets will align and not repel each other before adhering them!

Insert artwork

I picked up this print from Katie Drum – it was definitely the inspiration for the “Crystal” frame. Check out her awesome food art as well!  The crystals are not my own design, but are available from Vecteezy.

One of my own pieces (Don’t look too close.  I just started water coloring.)  I tend to paint pretty close to the edges to maximize that expensive paper; luckily the magnet is strong enough and bottom frame light enough that I can frame it a little lower.


My walls are going to look amazing as soon as I get harmonious hooks! These guys have been hanging for 24 hours, no mishaps 🙂

Paper sandwiched between magnets.

You can frame without the bottom bars, but they lend weight and stability to the paper to helping keep it hanging flat.




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