118: Crackers

Full disclosure, guys - I did not expect this week's experiment to work.  I figured in the worst case, it would satisfy a curiosity, and I'd get to eat hand cut homemade crackers with dip.  Ryan, on the other hand, didn't know why I was questioning it, and thought cutting cracker dough with a laser would [...]

88: Lefse Pin Comb

Okay, Ryan is making me put in a disclaimer that I acknowledge how seemingly nonsensical that title of this weeks post is. It was originally "Lefse comb", which might even be more confusing, even for those familiar with the Norwegian treat. Lefse, for the poor souls that haven't had it warm rolled up with butter and [...]

52: Toasts for 2015

Here's to wrapping up 2014 and 52 weekly posts on 52 lasers! We've got a party to go to tonight to ring in 2015 - we'll be heading out the door as soon as I hit post! I've been wanting to try more food on the laser, and decorating fancy appetizers for New Year's Eve [...]