82: Pop-Up Card

Whenever I see a papercraft project online that involves a lot of precise x-acto blade cutting, a part of my brain usually reserved for laying out SNES SimCity towns activates and taunts me, "Oooh, you could do this hour long cut in like one minute! You should totally make one of these!" This totally happened [...]

22: Hylian Inlay

"I think you picked the most ambitious first time trying to inlay project ever," wrote Jen, fairly certain that I'd bitten off more than I could chew.  While I could already tell by then that l I was in for a lot of delicate work, I reassured her of my expert mastication and went back [...]

Now You're Playing With Power!

10: Tiny Things

A few weeks ago, I was planning to visit an artist friend of mine and wanted to bring something laser-made to show off. I settled on some very small, very fine etched-wood versions of some of his recent grayscale artings. Making the art look good on the surface was tricky, and while I had a [...]