48: Simple Wallet

Recently, an old friend got in touch and said he wanted to get a new wallet.  Brenn wasn't interested in the same flap of leather or cloth that we've all been using for a few decades. Instead, he was interested in a simple flat wallet similar to something seen online. Simple and flat are things I [...]

45: Living Hinges

http://youtu.be/UzDyObuscbk   When I first heard about living hinges (not the plastic ones), it was the same time I learned what a useless machine was. Useless machines are entertaining, but it was for some reason shocking to me that I could laser cut a particular pattern into certain materials to make them flexible.  In reality, [...]

38: Earbud Card

Several weeks ago, Jennifer and I were on a vacation. We hopped on an Amtrak train and traveled, slowly, from Aurora to Seattle. Since we were going the long way—via Denver and Sacramento, and later St. Paul—we both made sure to carry along a pair of headphones for those moments when we just couldn't stand [...]

36: Kid Sketches

Saving your child's doodle forever is amazingly easy on the laser engraver.  I'm lucky enough to have friends with adorable children to be my guinea pigs! Engraving black and white sketches is incredibly easy on the laser. All I really had to do was dial up the contrast on these sketches to make sure I [...]

35: Scarf Holder

Today's post was inspired by my friend Ramona, a fashion scarf aficionado, who asked, "Can you make a scarf holder?"  Challenge accepted. I spent awhile thinking about the hanging properties of a scarf hanger.  My mind kept trying to pull together ways of attaching it to a clothes bar.  After some searching, I couldn't find [...]

30: Tokens & Templates

Once in a while I come across a job where I've got a handful of pre-cut shapes and I've got to etch a design onto them.  This can be tricky for any number of reasons, but the issue I run into most often getting the alignment between the etch and the shape it'll be on just [...]