93: Specialized Museum Storage Trays

When working at a local history museum, the collections encompass a very wide variety of materials.  As awesome as we strive to be, no one person can be an expert in all materials.  This is how the Aurora Historical Society's hairpin graveyard came to be. Back in 1991, a very professional and well intentioned curator (that I'm [...]

65: Stud Earring Storage

In preparation for an upcoming show, Jennifer asked me to prepare for her another storage box for her carded laser-cut stud earrings. We tend to recycle packaging when we can, so our previous storage for carded studs was made out of a repurposed business card shipping box.  It was a great size, but the dividers [...]

33: Google Cardboard

Google recently unveiled their own humorous take on the recent virtual reality push by folks like Oculus Rift and Sony with their Morpheus project: Cardboard. It's a simple housing, built from cardboard or similar cheap material, which uses a pair of small lenses coupled with an Android smartphone to display a rudimentary virtual reality view. [...]