62: Velcro Nametags

In an experiment to determine whether MABAS name tags could be made more easily with a laser than with a rotary engraver, I took some strips of Velcro and some spare laserable plastic from work (Thanks, Eagle!) back to my house, slapped 'em together, and set my laser to them. The result could determine the [...]

55: Pseudorotary Engraving

There's something classy about a plaque with a neatly rotary-engraved plate. Because rotary engraving traces the outline of each letter or shape and fills are created by repeating inset paths, you get an illusion of depth that can look stunning with the right design and lighting. Lasers typically engrave in a fashion similar to how inkjet [...]

46: LaserDark

I've laser-engraved an axe handle before, as a test to determine whether I could process some of the longer pieces for Eagle Engraving. It was successful, and the first actual order came in for a laser engraved large axe handle.  Since one step of the process wasn't covered in the previous project, I'll be going [...]

42: Nice Piece of Hickory

One of the products that we make at the engraving company I work for is a commemorative axe for firefighters. It's an impressive finished piece that includes the firefighter's department patch engraved on a super-shiny axe head and it's typically mounted on a giant plaque that features other items and elements from his or her [...]