114: Enamel Stencils

I've always been curious about enameling, but I wasn't ready to buy lots of equipment for something I wasn't sure I'd do regularly.  I understood the basics of enameling - powdered glass is fired to its melting point, and it adheres to the metal beneath.  Designs can be drawn on (well, the powder can be [...]

110: Resin Topped Stud Earrings

I've been wanting to experiment with resin for years!  I just never got around to it - in all honestly, I read so many horror stories, I was a little timid.  So let me tell you - just do it.  It's not hard, the mess can be contained, and the results are worth it! My [...]

72: Bending Acrylic

This post resulted from Rebecca of Hugs are Fun asking if a thin piece of acrylic could be bent for a bracelet.  Challenge taken, and the answer is yes, it definitely works! My first thought was to try to boil the plastic to heating, like they do to make toothbrush bracelets.  This seemed potentially messy [...]

64: To paint before, or paint after engraving?

I've been working one some new designs based on quilt blocks that involve engraving to create a two toned design.   Given that the engraved / unengraved area is roughly equal, I thought this would be a good time to test whether it's better to paint first, then engrave away the color or surface you [...]