106: Quilting with Wood

So, only posting one new project a month was supposed to give us more time to get more complex projects done.  I started this project 3 weeks ago, I swear, but didn't get finished until 15 minutes before post! (...don't mind the few threads I still have to tuck in).  So, here we have one false [...]

101: Pincushion Rings

Time to make presents!  Having become acquainted with some many sewers of the past couple years, pincushion rings were on my radar - question was, how to make them with lasers? Pincushion rings and bracelets are very useful for quilters and people the use a lot of pins because it holds pins close - no need [...]

96: Deer Ears

I'm not generally a costume person, but after getting (good-natured) grief at the Halloween parties last year, I knew I had to step up my game.  Of course, I also wanted to kill two birds with one stone and make it a blog project as well! To still be "me" and keep my costs down, [...]

92: Laser Cut Appliqués

If you are ever wondering where my ideas in fabric and needle crafts come from, I can pretty much guarantee Rebecca at Hugs are Fun had a good hand in it, or at least started me down the path.  This week is no different, and she even took it a step farther by handing me [...]

77: Fabric

Well, with all the laser cutting of paper templates, buttons and fussy cutters lately, you knew we had to get around to laser cutting fabric eventually.  And it went smashingly. Because I don't have a sewing machine, I decided to make 1" EPP diamonds.  I can sew these by hand, and I need them for a [...]

71: Buttons!

Okay, this one has been on the list forever, and it was so easy it almost feels like a cop out. But the results are pretty adorable! Buttons have a history stretching back at least 5,000 years, and are as often decorative as functional. They can be made of nearly anything - wood, plastic, shell, [...]