100: Pyramid Holograms

A few months ago,  Jennifer had me order some unusually thin 1/32" transparent acrylic to try out some kind of "phone hologram" trick she read about on the Internet. The material arrived in a shipment of a whole bunch of other inventory and was mostly forgotten, until just last week Eagle Engraving's resident laser ninja Monica [...]

25: Fluorescent Badges

I can't believe how long it took me to realize how awesome fluorescent materials are. I've cut plenty of things out of transparent acrylic, but I completely ignored its glowing sibling until a group of Ingress players asked me to make them some badges. Have you played Ingress? If you haven't and you're using a [...]

14: Box Joints

I've done box joints before, just once, for a 3D picture frame celebrating a newborn baby. It was a harrowing experience back then because I didn't really understand how the width of the laser beam affects the ability of two pieces to fit together and because I was using a thick wood that just didn't [...]