Misaligned Lasers

So, this is a mistake that will forever make me smile.  The missing collar stay alluded to in Week 23: Personalized Collar Stays is permanently etched into the laser ruler thanks to a misalignment the honeycomb bed.  The bed, which allows better airflow when cutting, wasn't sitting all the way back when we started this [...]

Is Victorian Hairwork Akin to Kumihimo?

So, in one of those brilliant ah-ha moments, my day job as a museum curator collided with 52 Lasers. Have you ever heard of Victorian Hair Jewelry?  Made from braided, woven or otherwise intricately arranged stands of hair, it was popular in the 19th century as a way to remember loved ones.  It was made [...]

Spot UV & Business Cards

The URL 52lasers.com isn't terribly hard to remember. All the same, Jen and I have often had to scribble it down on nearby paper when explaining the project to our local friends. At some point—at several points so far this year, actually—we decided "we should make a business card," and then promptly busied ourselves with other [...]

Followup: Leather Cuffs

  The sticking point during the Leather Cuffs post was that I couldn't find jump rings the right size and strong enough to hold the clasp to the bracelet.  These 10mm rings are just the right size, are strong, and I like the space they occupy visually. They are on sale at  Rochester Feed and Country [...]