110: Resin Topped Stud Earrings

I've been wanting to experiment with resin for years!  I just never got around to it - in all honestly, I read so many horror stories, I was a little timid.  So let me tell you - just do it.  It's not hard, the mess can be contained, and the results are worth it! My [...]

106: Quilting with Wood

So, only posting one new project a month was supposed to give us more time to get more complex projects done.  I started this project 3 weeks ago, I swear, but didn't get finished until 15 minutes before post! (...don't mind the few threads I still have to tuck in).  So, here we have one false [...]

101: Pincushion Rings

Time to make presents!  Having become acquainted with some many sewers of the past couple years, pincushion rings were on my radar - question was, how to make them with lasers? Pincushion rings and bracelets are very useful for quilters and people the use a lot of pins because it holds pins close - no need [...]

95: Fabric Covered Wood

A few weeks ago, during Week 92: Laser Cut Appliques to be exact, I came across the intriguing fact on the Heat N Bond website that it works to adhere fabric to wood.  Cue wheels spinning! Most of my jewelry design is done in silhouette, without  a lot of detail other than in the outline.  This [...]

71: Buttons!

Okay, this one has been on the list forever, and it was so easy it almost feels like a cop out. But the results are pretty adorable! Buttons have a history stretching back at least 5,000 years, and are as often decorative as functional. They can be made of nearly anything - wood, plastic, shell, [...]

61: Hexagon Trivet

The hexagons are piling up again on the workbench, which are leftovers from making hexagon pendants.  We have hundreds of these slightly odd sized, but yet uniform bamboo hexagons.  Ryan used a bunch for advertising tokens for his shop back in Week 30...I guess at week 61 it's my turn! My Instagram "following" feed is inundated [...]

54: Dyeing Acrylic

Looking back over 2014, I am quite impressed by how well our projects went off.  Not everything went off well, but that's a learning experience too.  Here are the top three fails of 2014: 1. Week 21: Laser Engraved Bricks - while the brick (oddly, as I have come to find out and am working on [...]