89: More Laserable Magnet

I've talked about this particular kind of laserable magnet before, but for this week's project, I took the same magnet material and determined whether I could use it as a replacement for the strip of magnet material I normally use for my set of dialog boxes. I currently use a 1/2" strip magnet stored in rolls [...]

67: Rubber Stamps

When we first purchased our laser, I poured over the instruction manual, reading every page regardless of how little of it I understood at the time. One of the many modes and features I read about but didn't really grasp was Rubber Stamp Mode. The name was clear enough, but the description of the mode [...]

16: Etched Storage Boxes

These small plastic dialog boxes—featuring quotes from classic games like Final Fantasy VI and Earthbound—are some of the products I sell on Etsy, available as magnets or pins. They're tiny, and while they stack nicely it gets a little unruly when I have stacks of dialog boxes just sitting around my workbench. So, this week, [...]