74: Rotary Fixture

Last weekend, I snuck a piece of hardware out of Eagle Engraving, Inc. while there was a lull in production. The hardware in question? A rotary fixture for our laser that allows us to engrave on cylindrical objects! I'd like to say they didn't notice at all, but in reality they were totally cool with it and [...]

34: Votive Holders

I have a long and slightly bitter history trying to laser-engrave glass. The back of my old iPhone 4 wasn't having it, and the fire flowers I tried to cultivate didn't quite pass muster. Still, when a friend wants some glass engraved for her wedding, I'm certainly not going to turn her down! Lara and Paul [...]

19: Fire Flower Vase

"Well, that didn't work," ended my first foray into laser etching glass. I tried to create a design similar to the mesmerizing microscopic pattern found on the back of the Nexus 4 smartphone, this time on the glass back of a spare iPhone 4 that my nephew graciously donated for the cause. The resulting pattern was [...]