78: X-COM Shield

Owing partial thanks to the awesomeness of fluorescent green material, I put together a custom piece for a client this week that blended appreciation for two things: the X-COM series of science fiction video games and the real world United States Army Special Forces. We decided on a parody of the X-COM shield design, cast [...]

48: Simple Wallet

Recently, an old friend got in touch and said he wanted to get a new wallet.  Brenn wasn't interested in the same flap of leather or cloth that we've all been using for a few decades. Instead, he was interested in a simple flat wallet similar to something seen online. Simple and flat are things I [...]

20: Leather Key Fob Strap

It's the big 2-0! Jennifer worked on some leather a while back, but when our dear friend Brenn needed an elegant way to attach one of his new key fob to some spare keys, I volunteered to try my own hand at some fairly riveting work. It didn't take long to determine the leather to [...]

Now You're Playing With Power!

10: Tiny Things

A few weeks ago, I was planning to visit an artist friend of mine and wanted to bring something laser-made to show off. I settled on some very small, very fine etched-wood versions of some of his recent grayscale artings. Making the art look good on the surface was tricky, and while I had a [...]