92: Laser Cut Appliqués

If you are ever wondering where my ideas in fabric and needle crafts come from, I can pretty much guarantee Rebecca at Hugs are Fun had a good hand in it, or at least started me down the path.  This week is no different, and she even took it a step farther by handing me [...]

36: Kid Sketches

Saving your child's doodle forever is amazingly easy on the laser engraver.  I'm lucky enough to have friends with adorable children to be my guinea pigs! Engraving black and white sketches is incredibly easy on the laser. All I really had to do was dial up the contrast on these sketches to make sure I [...]

33: Google Cardboard

Google recently unveiled their own humorous take on the recent virtual reality push by folks like Oculus Rift and Sony with their Morpheus project: Cardboard. It's a simple housing, built from cardboard or similar cheap material, which uses a pair of small lenses coupled with an Android smartphone to display a rudimentary virtual reality view. [...]

17: Needle Minders

Edited to add: you can now find them in the Beadeux shop, in the Needle Minder Section! I have to thank Rebecca of Hugs are Fun for this idea as well!  Needle minders are brilliant little magnets that attach to your cloth and keep your needles where you want them when not in use.  You [...]