119: Leather Twist Earrings Tutorial

Cutting leather was one of the first projects we did on the laser, way back in Week 3: Leather Cuffs.  While there really isn't much new to say about the cutting and processing of the leather, I thought it would be fun to use some of the properties of leather (flexibility!) to make unique, laser [...]

47: Engraved Leather

My favorite binder is showing some wear and tear. Not a surprise, considering I've been using it for the past 20-odd years, since I was a little girl. It holds a legal pad, has a pocket for papers, and has more sentimental value than anything.  It's made of inexpensive plastic and has the name of my [...]

20: Leather Key Fob Strap

It's the big 2-0! Jennifer worked on some leather a while back, but when our dear friend Brenn needed an elegant way to attach one of his new key fob to some spare keys, I volunteered to try my own hand at some fairly riveting work. It didn't take long to determine the leather to [...]

Followup: Leather Cuffs

  The sticking point during the Leather Cuffs post was that I couldn't find jump rings the right size and strong enough to hold the clasp to the bracelet.  These 10mm rings are just the right size, are strong, and I like the space they occupy visually. They are on sale at  Rochester Feed and Country [...]

03: Leather Cuffs

Ever since we got the laser, back in February 2011, I've been wanting to work with leather. It's a versatile material that can be made into a nearly infinite number of things. My first exposure to leather craft was Girl Scout camp as a kid. The art shed was my favorite place and stamping on [...]