83: Lacing Cards

The lacing card activity idea has been in my back pocket since probably the start of the blog, thanks to Rebecca at Hugs Are Fun, who is totally a pro at the whole mom thing.  She knew that lacing cards were a great toddler activity that can keep little hands busy.  And busy is what [...]

56: Decorated Clothes Pins

Along with mason jars, the humble clothes pin seems to be getting a makeover lately - literally.  People are snazzing up these little guys up for a variety of home decor projects, most often wreathes and photo lines.  Here are four different little projects we made up this week: 1. Pins for a matching game [...]

51: Personalized Ornaments

Merry Christmas Eve!  Around Thanksgiving I was out shopping with my high school friend, and she kept migrating towards decorative items with the letter "K" for her holiday decorations - her new last name.  And anything glittery.  Put these things together, and I knew the perfect thing to make her and her husband Chris for Christmas [...]

46: LaserDark

I've laser-engraved an axe handle before, as a test to determine whether I could process some of the longer pieces for Eagle Engraving. It was successful, and the first actual order came in for a laser engraved large axe handle.  Since one step of the process wasn't covered in the previous project, I'll be going [...]

40: Commemorative Book Stack Marker

The Aurora Public Library is getting ready to move from it's long time home in the Carnegie-sponsored library building to a new and modern structure, the Richard and Gina Santori Public Library of Aurora.  The new library  should be completed early in 2015 and marks the new era of library service in Aurora. While it's exciting [...]

27: Etched recipe boxes

Summer means it is wedding season!  And weddings mean gifts.   When Rebecca of Hugs are Fun came to me with her idea of etching recipe box for her sister-in-law's bridal shower, and I knew it would be just perfect for my nephew's wedding at the end of June as well. Rebecca planned a themed shower, based [...]

23: Personalized Collar Stays

Not being very experienced in modern men's dress clothing, imagine my confusion when I found two flat metal strips with a point on one end at the bottom of my washing machine. They belonged to my friend Brenn, who came over to do a load quick and forgot to take them out.  After learning that [...]