108: Preparing Laser Cut Wood for Paint

This month I thought it would be fun to add a new skill: properly preparing a wood surface for painting.  I have painted laser cut wood in the past (Week 64 is a notable example), but honestly, the preparation and finished result is not what I'd consider fine art.   So, with the help of [...]

84: Color Fill

Recently, a potential client handed me a nice thick piece of finished hardwood and asked me to see how it looked when laser engraved. The goal is to create a higher quality look than the simple ink stamp he had used for these barrel-shaped plaques previously. I prepared some engraving tests on the back surface [...]

55: Pseudorotary Engraving

There's something classy about a plaque with a neatly rotary-engraved plate. Because rotary engraving traces the outline of each letter or shape and fills are created by repeating inset paths, you get an illusion of depth that can look stunning with the right design and lighting. Lasers typically engrave in a fashion similar to how inkjet [...]

40: Commemorative Book Stack Marker

The Aurora Public Library is getting ready to move from it's long time home in the Carnegie-sponsored library building to a new and modern structure, the Richard and Gina Santori Public Library of Aurora.  The new library  should be completed early in 2015 and marks the new era of library service in Aurora. While it's exciting [...]