106: Quilting with Wood

So, only posting one new project a month was supposed to give us more time to get more complex projects done.  I started this project 3 weeks ago, I swear, but didn't get finished until 15 minutes before post! (...don't mind the few threads I still have to tuck in).  So, here we have one false [...]

68: Fussy Cut Templates

So, during Week 66, I made a disclaimer that the post wasn't really about English Paper Piecing, but rather a platform to talk about how to laser cut paper. This week is about cutting and piecing together fabric - consider yourself forewarned! To "fussy cut" a piece of fabric is to take great care in cutting the [...]

64: To paint before, or paint after engraving?

I've been working one some new designs based on quilt blocks that involve engraving to create a two toned design.   Given that the engraved / unengraved area is roughly equal, I thought this would be a good time to test whether it's better to paint first, then engrave away the color or surface you [...]