94: Papel Picado

I can happily announce after a whirlwind weekend that my dear friend Laura is now a Mrs!  Which means I get to show you the invitations and decorations. Laura and I have been friends (and once even roommates successfully!) since our undergraduate days at Luther College.  The nice thing about working with Laura is that [...]

90: Tissue Flower Pomander

Post two of three wedding posts, consider yourself forewarned!  This week I am working on a centerpiece for my friend Laura's upcoming wedding, a tissue paper pomander.  Pomander is French for "apple of amber" and was originally a sweet smelling or perfumed ball.  In Medieval times it was a locket of perfume, in Victorian times, it was [...]

34: Votive Holders

I have a long and slightly bitter history trying to laser-engrave glass. The back of my old iPhone 4 wasn't having it, and the fire flowers I tried to cultivate didn't quite pass muster. Still, when a friend wants some glass engraved for her wedding, I'm certainly not going to turn her down! Lara and Paul [...]

27: Etched recipe boxes

Summer means it is wedding season!  And weddings mean gifts.   When Rebecca of Hugs are Fun came to me with her idea of etching recipe box for her sister-in-law's bridal shower, and I knew it would be just perfect for my nephew's wedding at the end of June as well. Rebecca planned a themed shower, based [...]