72: Bending Acrylic

This post resulted from Rebecca of Hugs are Fun asking if a thin piece of acrylic could be bent for a bracelet.  Challenge taken, and the answer is yes, it definitely works! My first thought was to try to boil the plastic to heating, like they do to make toothbrush bracelets.  This seemed potentially messy [...]

Followup: Leather Cuffs

  The sticking point during the Leather Cuffs post was that I couldn't find jump rings the right size and strong enough to hold the clasp to the bracelet.  These 10mm rings are just the right size, are strong, and I like the space they occupy visually. They are on sale at  Rochester Feed and Country [...]

03: Leather Cuffs

Ever since we got the laser, back in February 2011, I've been wanting to work with leather. It's a versatile material that can be made into a nearly infinite number of things. My first exposure to leather craft was Girl Scout camp as a kid. The art shed was my favorite place and stamping on [...]