96: Deer Ears

I'm not generally a costume person, but after getting (good-natured) grief at the Halloween parties last year, I knew I had to step up my game.  Of course, I also wanted to kill two birds with one stone and make it a blog project as well! To still be "me" and keep my costs down, [...]

51: Personalized Ornaments

Merry Christmas Eve!  Around Thanksgiving I was out shopping with my high school friend, and she kept migrating towards decorative items with the letter "K" for her holiday decorations - her new last name.  And anything glittery.  Put these things together, and I knew the perfect thing to make her and her husband Chris for Christmas [...]

49: A Modern Wreath

For those that know me, the idea of me making Christmas decorations seems a little foreign. I have been accused of being a Grinch (though I'm not sure why simply not decorating for Christmas makes my heart two sizes too small!) Though maybe my spartan Christmas ways are disappearing - I couldn't help feeling that [...]

41: Pumpkin Decorating

I'm doing my best Martha Stewart impression with our 52 Lasers version of pumpkin decorating.  We are definitely not the first to put laser to pumpkin; you can see Design Sponge's amazing punched tin style pumpkin and Seattle Food Geek's amazing in depth study on lasering a pumpkin for some awesome inspiration. The set of limitations I [...]