113: Mother of Pearl Veneer

The inspiration for this week's post is Carry A. Nation, the famous barroom smasher.   Carry believed that alcohol was the root of all society's evils, and she  took hatchet to things she didn't like (namely bars, whisky bottles and paintings of scantily clad ladies).  Though some called her mad, her barroom appearances had the strange effect [...]

93: Specialized Museum Storage Trays

When working at a local history museum, the collections encompass a very wide variety of materials.  As awesome as we strive to be, no one person can be an expert in all materials.  This is how the Aurora Historical Society's hairpin graveyard came to be. Back in 1991, a very professional and well intentioned curator (that I'm [...]

80: Katana Stand

This past Sunday, I presented the 3rd Annual "Art in the Parlor" presentation with Art conservator Scott Sherwood. (For those not in the know, my day job is curator for the Aurora Historical Society, in Aurora, Illinois.)  It's one of my favorite presentations all year.  The format is that we choose 4-5 "objects d' art" [...]