128: Puzzles

This post incorporates some of my favorite things: art and collaboration*!  Laura, of Laura Lynne Art, was looking for help with how to make her art into a puzzle.  In the past, she has made puzzles by painting directly onto a store bought one, but lasers could make the process smoother.  It's always easier cutting [...]

110: Resin Topped Stud Earrings

I've been wanting to experiment with resin for years!  I just never got around to it - in all honestly, I read so many horror stories, I was a little timid.  So let me tell you - just do it.  It's not hard, the mess can be contained, and the results are worth it! My [...]

108: Preparing Laser Cut Wood for Paint

This month I thought it would be fun to add a new skill: properly preparing a wood surface for painting.  I have painted laser cut wood in the past (Week 64 is a notable example), but honestly, the preparation and finished result is not what I'd consider fine art.   So, with the help of [...]

106: Quilting with Wood

So, only posting one new project a month was supposed to give us more time to get more complex projects done.  I started this project 3 weeks ago, I swear, but didn't get finished until 15 minutes before post! (...don't mind the few threads I still have to tuck in).  So, here we have one false [...]

104: One Word Affirmation

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions - sometimes I can be too much of a perfectionist to have it work in my favor.  Instead, I come up with a one word affirmation for the new year ahead. I know it sounds a little hippy dippy, but a one word affirmation is designed [...]

103: Halftoning Wood

This week I had a challenge that I've been dreading for a while now: recreating a greyscale image on a wood surface. While engraving a black and white design results in impressive, high-contrast finished pieces, any images with a wide variety of values can end up looking muddy if you don't properly determine how the [...]