95: Fabric Covered Wood

A few weeks ago, during Week 92: Laser Cut Appliques to be exact, I came across the intriguing fact on the Heat N Bond website that it works to adhere fabric to wood.  Cue wheels spinning! Most of my jewelry design is done in silhouette, without  a lot of detail other than in the outline.  This [...]

84: Color Fill

Recently, a potential client handed me a nice thick piece of finished hardwood and asked me to see how it looked when laser engraved. The goal is to create a higher quality look than the simple ink stamp he had used for these barrel-shaped plaques previously. I prepared some engraving tests on the back surface [...]

83: Lacing Cards

The lacing card activity idea has been in my back pocket since probably the start of the blog, thanks to Rebecca at Hugs Are Fun, who is totally a pro at the whole mom thing.  She knew that lacing cards were a great toddler activity that can keep little hands busy.  And busy is what [...]

75: Hanging Lamps

This week's post was inspired by a thrift store find, the book "Scroll Saw Pattern Book" by Patrick Spielman and Patricia Spielman, published 1986.  I have a weakness for thrift store vintage craft books, and many come home with me, even for crafts I've never done.  This scroll saw book is full of simple patterns [...]

73: Bevel or Miter Guide

This week's project is a totally unintended project, a plan C, made by necessity. Both plan A and plan B didn't come to fruition because we didn't have the tools needed, so for plan C , we decided to make one of the missing tools! Plan B involved making a box.  With the laser alone, we [...]

64: To paint before, or paint after engraving?

I've been working one some new designs based on quilt blocks that involve engraving to create a two toned design.   Given that the engraved / unengraved area is roughly equal, I thought this would be a good time to test whether it's better to paint first, then engrave away the color or surface you [...]

61: Hexagon Trivet

The hexagons are piling up again on the workbench, which are leftovers from making hexagon pendants.  We have hundreds of these slightly odd sized, but yet uniform bamboo hexagons.  Ryan used a bunch for advertising tokens for his shop back in Week 30...I guess at week 61 it's my turn! My Instagram "following" feed is inundated [...]