104: One Word Affirmation

I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions - sometimes I can be too much of a perfectionist to have it work in my favor.  Instead, I come up with a one word affirmation for the new year ahead. I know it sounds a little hippy dippy, but a one word affirmation is designed [...]

103: Halftoning Wood

This week I had a challenge that I've been dreading for a while now: recreating a greyscale image on a wood surface. While engraving a black and white design results in impressive, high-contrast finished pieces, any images with a wide variety of values can end up looking muddy if you don't properly determine how the [...]

85: Sticker Sheets

As part of a custom order of Ingress badges, I recently had a chance to revisit kiss cutting. I'd played with the process a few times before but not on 52lasers projects. Kiss Cutting is one of the most popular methods for creating pressure-sensitive labels. During the kiss-cutting process, the perimeter of each label is [...]

84: Color Fill

Recently, a potential client handed me a nice thick piece of finished hardwood and asked me to see how it looked when laser engraved. The goal is to create a higher quality look than the simple ink stamp he had used for these barrel-shaped plaques previously. I prepared some engraving tests on the back surface [...]

81: The Simple Stuff

With eighty weeks worth of projects behind us, it's clear that a laser platform is a flexible tool with a ridiculous variety of uses. Sometimes, between the creative experiments and the meatier, more complicated solutions to problems, you just need a piece of wood cut. Well, why bother pulling out a saw and doing a [...]

78: X-COM Shield

Owing partial thanks to the awesomeness of fluorescent green material, I put together a custom piece for a client this week that blended appreciation for two things: the X-COM series of science fiction video games and the real world United States Army Special Forces. We decided on a parody of the X-COM shield design, cast [...]