110: Resin Topped Stud Earrings

I've been wanting to experiment with resin for years!  I just never got around to it - in all honestly, I read so many horror stories, I was a little timid.  So let me tell you - just do it.  It's not hard, the mess can be contained, and the results are worth it! My [...]

94: Papel Picado

I can happily announce after a whirlwind weekend that my dear friend Laura is now a Mrs!  Which means I get to show you the invitations and decorations. Laura and I have been friends (and once even roommates successfully!) since our undergraduate days at Luther College.  The nice thing about working with Laura is that [...]

86: 3D Letters

So, apparently I've got weddings in the brain.  For a friend, of course, I got that done over a decade ago myself.  Bridesmaid dress is purchased, invitations are nearly done, we will scouting wedding venues this weekend!  For this week's project, my mind turned to table decorations. Making 3D letters has been on my list [...]

82: Pop-Up Card

Whenever I see a papercraft project online that involves a lot of precise x-acto blade cutting, a part of my brain usually reserved for laying out SNES SimCity towns activates and taunts me, "Oooh, you could do this hour long cut in like one minute! You should totally make one of these!" This totally happened [...]

66: Tips for laser cutting paper

Well, I've managed to fall in with a group of quilters.  More accurately, English Paper Piecing enthusiasts.  If you've never heard of English Paper Piecing before and couldn't care less about cute geometric fabric shapes, don't worry, this post isn't really about quilting.  It's really about cutting paper. According to The Sewing Directory, "English Paper [...]

Spot UV & Business Cards

The URL 52lasers.com isn't terribly hard to remember. All the same, Jen and I have often had to scribble it down on nearby paper when explaining the project to our local friends. At some point—at several points so far this year, actually—we decided "we should make a business card," and then promptly busied ourselves with other [...]